EV-Box Home Line

The stress free charging solution at home

After the development of the successful BusinessLine charging station, the rapidly growing market increasingly knew what it was looking for. This led to a growing demand at EV-Box for a dedicated solution for home charging, requiring fewer functionalities and components compared to a public charging station. So, we began the process of creating a home charging solution that is simpler, smarter and more compact.

Successful elements from the BusinessLine were incorporated, such as the simple contactless operation and the multicolor LED ring for clear feedback. Following valuable market feedback, various features were improved and added.

Form follows function

The shape is not only aesthetically determined, the cable can now be looped around the Box instead of dangling on the dirty ground. The double curved surface of the ABS plastic front provides a naturally sturdy form, allowing it to withstand impacts or stray footballs without any issues.

The mounting points of the front are concealed in the indentations on the sides. This not only ensures a cleaner look, but also ensures that only qualified individuals know how to open the Box, without limiting the installation or maintenance.

The top, bottom, and back of the enclosure have predefined circles that can be punched through, allowing standard cable grommets to be placed at a location of choice. This eliminates the need for additional seals, minimizing the risk of leaks. And with this ample choice, there is always a way to visually conceal the connection cable and integrate the Box beautifully into the carport or garage.

How to prevent stress

To accommodate various types of charging plugs and connectors, an injection-molded connector is used internally with a dedicated shape for each connector type. This directs the forces on the charging cable through a steel subframe directly to the wall connection points, preventing stress, creep, and deformation in the plastic of the Box. And because the housing now has only one variant, this simplifies logistics and inventory management.

Due to its focus on private use, the success of the HomeLine is less visible than the well-known public BusinessLine, but with its smart features this evolution has become a valued addition to the EV-Box product lineup.

Easy to install, convenient to use and durable: stress free charging in every aspect.