More than an engineer

Product development that goes beyond engineering and offers more than just a functional solution: I employ a integrated approach that encompasses all aspects of the product, including functionality, shape, interaction, series production, assembly, costs, and of course the specific requirements for your product.

A tailored design and engineering service that serves a common goal: a successful product. This is achieved through collaboration, combining the specialized knowledge within your company with my broad experience and fresh perspective on your development challenge. Additionally, I bring the trust of an established name, a partner with extensive experience in both the high-tech industry, innovative startups, and renowned design firms.

As an independent design engineer, I am not bound to a location: I can take on your project from my design studio with a worldwide service, or work onsite with your engineering department. With an approach tailored to your needs and the dynamics within your company. And if more capacity is required, I can assemble a team of engineers and product development specialists from my network.

Industrial Design Studio

From my Dutch design studio, I have been serving clients worldwide since 2005 by creating, designing, shaping, and engineering products for both series and mass production. I am eager to bring your product idea to life: as a complete project from concept to a production-ready product, or as a supporting subproject.

The focus is on making your idea a reality, going beyond renders and impressions. To ensure this, I have extensive expertise in all common production methods for plastic, metal, and composite products. To ensure a smooth transition from concept to production molds, I have the latest 3D CAD software available. Additionally, I am equipped with both a 3D scanner and a 3D printer to support the project.

These tools enable the quick and efficient evaluation of both rough concepts as well as detailed designs. For products that are too large or costly for physical prototypes, a Virtual Reality environment is available, allowing vehicles and machinery to be viewed and assessed at true scale.

For advice and support in the sourcing process, my network offers a wide selection of partners for both tooling and production in the Netherlands, Europe, and Asia. The entire design process, from sketch to final product.

Onsite Design And Engineering

Design and engineering on-site, for every phase of your product development journey.

As a Lead Engineer and Principle Engineer, I gladly take on the responsibility for large and complex projects, connecting all the disciplines within the R&D team. The most exciting challenge of product development is turning ambitious ideas and desires into a successful product within complex requirements and certification. I outline the main aspects and provide support throughout the engineering process until the final product. In doing so, I leverage all my knowledge as an integral designer, including functionality, design, ergonomics, user friendliness, cost control, prototyping, and production.

Interim project support is also an option: as a temporary member of your design and engineering team, I can help you achieve your goals, such as developing a concept to the mold or tooling detail level. If you're missing resources and/or expertise within your current team, I'm happy to complement it as a technical consultant, whether in a subproject or an entire trajectory.

In addition to my knowledge and experience, I bring a mobile workstation and a SolidWorks Premium license, so there are no worries about extra hardware and software.

SolidWorks Surfacing Expert

There is often a desire to define the design of a product using SolidWorks, but the specific expertise is not available in-house. As a SolidWorks complex shapes modeling specialist, I can complement your design and engineering team in this regard.

As a Certified SolidWorks Expert, Advanced Surfacing Specialist, and selected member of the SolidWorks Champions Program, I am a renowned name within the international SolidWorks community. The SolidWorks surfacing tools hold no secrets for me, and I can transform any stucked or unstable SolidWorks model into a robust file with the highest surfacing quality. This ensures that the 3D CAD model does not hinder the optimization of the product, but serves as an efficient tool for exploring variations and thus resulting in better designs.

Through reverse engineering, I also digitize existing shapes and products by precisely remodeling them based on a 3D scan. The result is a 3D file with smooth curvature continuous surfaces optimized for new molds and production tooling.

And with every SolidWorks challenge, I bring my experience as an integral designer, always looking at the broader perspective throughout the entire design process.