The love for creating

It all began as a boyhood dream, and after more than 20 years of experience in the field, it has grown into collaborations with innovative startups, hightech production companies, and established design agencies. A renowned name, fully certified SolidWorks 3D-CAD Expert, and winner of multiple design competitions and GIO and Red Dot awards. And I continue to learn every day, with new projects and products in different industries.

Creating has always been my driving force, fuelled by curiosity and a quest for solutions. Striving to produce the best product and deliver quality.
The form in which I practice my profession is secondary. However, forming collaborations and partnerships as an independent designer has proven to be a successful formula. This allows me to merge my passion for design with the specialized knowledge of the client and translate it into successful new products.

My portfolio is filled with products, vehicles, and machines is representing the most recent chapter, but the story began early.

From Lego to submarines and more

As a child, my room was littered with Lego Technic and no sheet of paper and pencil were safe. To the despair of my parents, I disassembled everything out of curiosity to find out how it works. I was determined to become an inventor. The choice for a creative and technical study was therefore obvious.

I laid the professional technical foundation during my Mechanical Engineering education, but it was only after discovering Industrial Design that I could truly express myself and thrive. There, I learned about integral design, where engineering goes beyond functional solutions, and design is more than just aesthetics. Successfully solving a product development project requires a broader perspective, considering aspects like function, form, production, assembly, user-friendliness, and, of course, cost. Every design choice needs to be carefully weighed to achieve a balanced product, which is essential for success.

I also gained a solid foundation in 3D CAD, a crucial tool that allows me to combine my technical and creative passions, enabling me to experiment quickly and efficiently with various ideas, concepts, and prototypes through 3D-printed models.

My first practical experience came from working with manufacturing companies, which accelerated my learning process. Moving forward to independence in 2005 was the logical next step to further explore the unknown. It provided me with the opportunity to engage with a much wider spectrum of projects and collaborate with a diverse range of companies, teams and design agencies, both in the professional and consumer markets.

My curiosity only grew with each project, as did my appetite for larger and more complex challenges. As a result, my portfolio now boasts numerous projects involving plastics, metals, and composites. From EV charging stations to electric scooters, and from full-flight simulators for pilot training to high-tech personal submarines.

However, size is not the greatest challenge; it's the integration of varying requirements, desires, and disciplines into a balanced product. This applies whether it's a small, intricate product or a large-scale machine or vehicle, and whether it's a single unit or mass production.

As an independent designer, I am not bound by a fixed role or location. I take on projects from my design studio or onsite, working individually or with your team, or forming collaborative partnerships with a team of engineers I select. Each project involves a tailored collaboration.

I will take on the responsibility as a lead engineer, or I can delve deep into specific aspects of a project. With each new project, I bring the experience gained from a vast diversity of projects, products, teams, and collaborative efforts.

The common driving force behind all these projects remains the same: The love for creating.



Certified SolidWorks Expert - Mechanical Design


Certified SolidWorks Professional - Mechanical Design
Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Surfacing Specialist

Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Mold Tools Specialist

Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Sheet Metal Specialist

Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Weldment Tools Specialist

Certified SolidWorks Professional - Advanced Drawing Tools Specialist


Certified SolidWorks Associate - Mechanical Design
Certified SolidWorks Associate - Sustainable Design

Certified SolidWorks Associate - Additive Manufacturing

Certified SolidWorks Associate - Simulation

SolidWorks Champion

Selected member of the SolidWorks Champion Program


Red Dot Design Award Product Design 2020

3rd Place Mako Boardsports International Designcontest 2018

Red Dot Design Award Product Design 2012

Good Industrial Design Award GIO Special Award of Excellence 2012

Good Industrial Design Award GIO Award 2012

1st Place MEGA Brands international designcontest 2009

1st Place SolidWorks international designcontest 2007

1st Place Burton Car Company designcontest 2006

1st Place SolidWorks international complex shapes designcontest 2005