EV-Box Business Line

From pioneer to best selling charging station

It's the beginning of 2009, electric vehicles were just emerging onto the scene. While the young Tesla at that time only delivered a converted Lotus, and the German industry heavily relied on diesel, startup EV-Box and Rob Wolkers began collaborating. Their goal: to develop a charging station that could keep up with the predicted rapid rise of electric vehicles. EV-Box with expertise in electronics and software, along with our specialization in hardware and integration

In a time when the few available charging stations were expensive ad-hoc solutions made of sheet metal with elaborate welding, we were the first who opted for injection molding to operate cost-effectively with rapidly increasing production volumes. Although the investments are higher due to the molds, the ultimate product price is significantly lower.

Defined flexiblity

But how do you determine the required functionality of a product for a market that does not yet exist, and where developments are moving rapidly? This desired flexibility seemed to contradict injection molding with an inflexible mold, so creative solutions had to be found.

At that time, there was no standardized charging connector, so we chose an interchangeable insert in the mold for the charging plug assembly. This also provided options for other configurations of the charging station, such as a fixed cable version or different types of charging connectors.

To ensure maximum freedom of choice for internal components, the plastic base frame is generously equipped with mounting points for standard DIN rails and cable conduits, making the housing future-proof for multiple generations of charging technology.

Single and double

Regarding installation, there is the option for a double version on a standard traffic pole or a single variant for direct wall mounting. This modular solution for both public and private use allows for a broad market reach with a single product.

The operation is entirely contactless, and the feedback is maximally simplified by the iconic multicolor LED ring indicating the charger status. Simple, clear, and weather-resistant... and a widely imitated concept.

The unknown challenges at the beginning of the project have been transformed into the driving force behind the success: an extensively applicable and versatile charging station. With now over 100,000 units of this iconic model sold (and counting), the BusinessLine has established a solid foundation for the rapid growth and success of EV Box, transitioning from a pioneering startup to a renowned market leader.